Apple AirPods News: Battery Draining Issue Experienced By Some Users; AirPods Sold Out


The Apple AirPods were impressive innovations, but various users have experienced battery draining issue even when placed in the charging case, contrary to the 24 hours charge that Apple was advertising. Nonetheless, the AirPods are now sold out within minutes after arriving in stores and the best way to know when they are in stock is through a new site called IsInStock, where users can join their email list and get notified of the AirPods' availability.

Apple has always been credited to make breakthrough innovations, starting from ditching the headphone jack in the iPhone 7, which required the company to come up with an audio set that is wire-free and convenient. Hence, the Apple AirPods were unveiled last September to meet the demand for wireless earbuds, retailing at $159 dollars.

Apple AirPods Innovative Features

The Apple AirPods added the innovative wireless functionality for convenient and practical use where wearers need not be bothered by tangling wires often experienced with regular earphones. Moreover, the new earbuds are button-free and just requires tapping to answer calls and best of all, the audio quality is impressive thanks to the microphone embedded in the jutting stem of the earbuds, according to BGR.

Apple AirPods Battery Draining Issue

Various users have complained of battery draining issue with their new Apple AirPods even when placed in the charging case, where Apple promised a 24 hours battery life even with Bluetooth activated. A reddit user, severeinskulls, claims that up to 40 percent was drained from the AirPods while in the charging case despite minimal Bluetooth use and later on confirmed that the issue was fixed after getting a replacement from Apple.

Apple AirPods Charging Case

It has been speculated that the charging case has been the cause of delay, which pushed the sale of the Apple AirPods from September to December. Moreover, iFixit discovered empty spaces between the solder joints referred to as "voiding," which indicates inferior quality standards and a sign that the case was rushed possibly targeting the holidays.

Apple AirPods Availability

Apple AirPods are now sold out and the best way to know when they are in stores is through a new site called IsInStock, where consumers can join the email list to get notified as to which stores worldwide has the earbuds. As of writing, there are no AirPods  in Apple stores anywhere, but consumers can opt to get an email notifying them of its availability, according to Fortune.

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