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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 75-76 Spoilers: Goku Showing What It Takes To Be A Saiyan; Cell's New Transformation [VIDEO]


Before a new arc opens for "Dragon Ball Super," a series of filler episodes are expected to telecast in the meantime. Following the two-episode story of Gohan, the son of Goku is expected to join his father in the upcoming episode, showing DBS fans what it takes to be a Saiyan.

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 75, the main protagonist Goku will be passing the time by training. Goku will be in search of a sparring partner, and the DBS character will find it in the form of The Great Saiyaman, Gohan. It has been said that the training session could either be a productive one or the other way around.

Chi Chi will be the one to set Gohan as the training buddy of Goku. Unlike the previous report, it is now claimed that Gohan was actually the one who had nothing better to do in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 75. Hence, the need of Goku for a training partner and Gohan's desire to alleviate his boredom will lead to the character's training session, according to Blasting News.

It is also believed that in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 75, the Great Saiyaman will step up to the main protagonist. Nonetheless, the result of the sparring sessions is still unclear. Perhaps the student will be better compared to the master, or the master could prove to the protege that he has so much to learn.

On the other hand, the strongest bio-android in the universe, Cell, will have a powerful transformation that will bring the Dragon Ball fighters in serious trouble. Cell, in his perfect form, is back from hell in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 76.

As Todd Blankenship translated the "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers released for the upcoming episode 76, the upcoming DBS tournament is becoming more interesting. Nevertheless, the translation did not expound on the characteristics of Goku's opponents, and just named the characters as Majin Boo, Freeza, Cell, as well as other old enemies.

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