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‘Titanfall 2’ Latest News & Update: ‘Titanfall 2’ New DLC To Feature New Game Mode Dubbed As Live Fire [VIDEO]


Respawn Entertainment recently made it known that they will be unleashing a new content for "Titanfall 2." The video game developer also hinted that they have plenty of stuff in store for its fan base in 2017, and this update is just a taste of things to come in the first-person shooter video game.

The looming downloadable content (DLC) of the "Titanfall 2" will feature a new game mode dubbed as the Live Fire. The latest "Titanfall 2" DLC will be a fast paced 6 versus 6 player skirmish, without the behemoth mechs called Titans. The new Live Fire game mode will be a best of five shoot fest, with each round of the game mode will be timed at one minute without getting any respawns after the "Titanfall 2" player gets eliminated, Titanfall reported.

The game can also be won if one of the team members has snagged the neutral flag within, right before the time runs out. Another add-on to look forward to in the "Titanfall 2" are the two new maps, Meadow and Stacks, which are said to be exclusive to the new Live Fire gameplay. Respawn Entertainment even described the gameplay as tight and engirdled maps, which add more fun and intensity.

Nevertheless, the upcoming game expansion of "Titanfall 2" is also slated to come along with a playlist interface, wherein it allows players to select their preferred game modes. The video game developer has yet to make an official statement as to when will the upcoming "Titanfall 2" DLC will be released.

On the other hand, the mobile game version of "Titanfall," which is dubbed as Frontline, failed to make the cut and will be canned on Jan. 20 by its developer Particle City. The developer claimed that the mobile game is not ready to provide the gameplay, which is being featured by its home console counterpart, according to Game Spot.

Watch The Video Here:

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