‘Injustice 2’ Teasers, News: ‘Injustice 2’ New Teasers Hint Game’s Story Mode Next Week [VIDEO]


NetherRealm Studios has given the "Injustice 2" fans a good news as the game developer confirmed the official release date of its upcoming fighting video game. Now, the developers have released two teaser clips of the video game with the attached message of some kind happening next week.

The "Injustice 2's" official Twitter page has unleashed a cryptic new image this week indicating that "Injustice 2" will be getting some details from the game's story mode next week. Nevertheless, things in the teaser are looking pretty grim.

Attached to the tweet is a quick look at Superman holding a person (could be Lois Lane) in his arms while the character is wearing some sort of bridal gown. Nevertheless, if something tragically happened to Lane in the process, this could spell a bad news for any character that The Man Of Steel comes across.

Then, DC Comics tweeted a short GIF showing the Amazon princess Wonder Woman fighting it out against Supergirl. Since the teasers both involve characters that have already been unveiled for the upcoming fighting video game's roster, it's quite possible for the video game developer to focus on details about the game's story next week, Game Rant reported.

Nevertheless, "Injustice 2" is slated to feature Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Atrocitus, Blue Beetle, Deadshot, Gorilla Grodd and Harley Quinn. NetherRealm Studios made it known that they will be adding more heroes and villains in the lineup sometime in the near future. As far as fresh recruits, the characters of the American neo-noir superhero film "Watchmen" have been teased, as well as Spawn and Sub-Zero, so there's a chance any of these characters could make an appearance in the reveal next week.

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