University Of Leicester Uses Monopoly To Help Students Cope During Exams


The game, Monopoly, is a board game that plays on the creation of wealth in an economy. The game is often used as a recreational piece where players trade, buy or sell properties. It is a popular piece of culture even to this day.

Now, Monopoly is being used in the University of Leicester to help students go through one of the most stressful times in their academic years - the exam period. But they made their own revisions to the game.

The game has a David Wilson Library, Center for Medicine, Victoria Park and the Attenborough Tower's paternoster. This version was created with ideas coming from the University of Leicester staff, alumni and undergraduates, as reported by The Leicester Mercury.

According to Sam Winter, the senior marketing officer at the university, he says that he is excited to see the game being used by the students to take a break from their day to day in order to play their version of Monopoly.

The University of Leicester Students' Union hopes that their students can get through the stress of the exam period by using the game. It is a form of support for those with stress issues and mental health problems, as reported by the University of Leicester. George Tansell, the sales and marketing manager of the Union, wants the students to use and see the board game as their way of supporting them.

The school does offer an array of support for the student body including puppy rooms, exam breakfasts and yoga classes. Monopoly is just one out of the many that can help counter stress. The student executive team will also be granting students' wishes via the Twitter hashtag, #LeicesterLove.

The University of Leicester Monopoly game costs £29.99 and can be purchased at the campus shop or online at the school's official website.

Want to know more about the Unviversity of Leicester? Watch this video below:

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