Things You Will Learn During Your First Week In College


Already stoked for college? It is really a pretty exciting and awesome experience to be going to college, though the first few days may feel a little lonely as you'll miss home. But there's just an endless new things to look forward to as make one of the biggest steps in your life.

Many students think that college life means embracing new freedom with a new place, new roommates, classmates and friends but leaving home may be a little intimidating than you realize. According to Huffington Post, coming in as a freshman year will really have to start with meeting new people and making new friends, and there are just a plethora of ways on how you can do that in college.

And to help you get started, here are some more of the helpful insights on what you can expect during your first week in college.

You will get lost

Your first week is the perfect time for you to map out and explore the buildings and the classrooms in your campus and yes, you might get lost at times, according to USA Today College. This is the time when you have to familiarize yourself about the places in your college or university because if you think you already have a grasp of where everything is, you might still be wrong.

You will meet a friend but you will also clash with someone

One of the best parts of college is meeting new people and there is no doubt that you can make a friend or two during your first week. But, you may also come across some people may not like so much and that's normal. There's just so many personalities around college and you don't need to like them all.

You will miss home

Everything will still feel strange during the first few days and this is the time when you will realize that you miss home as well as your friends back home. But these feelings will just come to pass. As you go along your college life, you'll realize how your new experiences will become enriching, exciting and fun.

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