Obstacles That Keep You Rrom Reaching Your Goals

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Success takes a lot of dedication, hard work and patience and while you may have spent plenty of time trying to work on the goals you want to achieve this year, there are several things that can get in your way to achieving them.

In order to get exactly where you want to be, you must keep your eye on the prize and look into the things and the obstacles you need to let go of as they might just be hampering your way to your success. Here are the most common ones you may come across.


According to The Muse, perfectionism is the voice that will tell you that you are not good enough, because you will always seek to find no flaw in everything you do, which is not going to be possible. Mistakes and failures are inevitable especially when you strive to reach for something, but that's basically the reason why people fail and commit mistakes, and that is for them to learn and be better.


If you want to achieve your goals, you must resist distraction and do everything you can in order to stay focused. Learn how to feel satisfied when you see progress and when you see that things are getting done. This way, you feel better at being more productive and seeing yourself becoming closer to reaching success.


Your fears can be crippling, and according to INC, this is something that you can expect once you begin going after your goal because your fear of failure, rejection and being uncomfortable can start to creep in. You have to realize that your fears are just part of the process and that you have to find a way to overcome them.


Procrastination is one major roadblock to getting a lot of things done and a total waste of time. If you will be able to discipline yourself from procrastinating, you will be able to take a huge step towards achieving your success.

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