How to Set Goals That Will Make You Happier When Achieved

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Everybody strives to be happy in life - that is one of our ultimate goals. And at the same time, it is also our goals, dreams and ambitions that make us happy.

Chasing our dreams make our journey in life exciting and interesting because that certain sense of achievement allows us to realize the person that we want to be.

However, not all goals we set can make us feel happy within ourselves, so in order to make sure that the things you are working out to achieve can give you the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, here are some strategies you might want to follow.

Think about what excites you

According to The Muse, you will be intrinsically motivated by the things that excite you. These are the things that you know you will be excited to pursue, the things that will make you get up out of the bed in the morning. Think about these things and list them down, they could be the skills you have been wanting to develop, the achievements you want to accomplish and the career goals you want to pursue.

Reflect on the things that challenge you

You will know if your goals are worth chasing if they challenge you and if they can help you grow, otherwise, you will only be wasting your time. The importance of setting a goal is based on how much you grow as a person by developing your skills, or practicing some positive habits. These goals should force you to leave your comfort zone and learn new things, and in the end you will realize its worth.

Ignore the ideas that are not aligned with your own

According to LifeHack, your goals should not be influenced by the society's expectation from you. Otherwise, you will really never be happy. Live a life that fits your own ideals and not a life that is trying to fit into the world.

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