'Pokemon Sun & Moon' News: Players Fail Again On 2nd Global Mission; Patch 1.1 Improves Z-Moves And Bug Fixes [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike are now wondering where things went wrong with the second Global Mission that was released for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" last month. Despite the efforts of the developers Game Freak to adjust the numbers required for players to meet the goal, the results have shown to be quite disappointing. On a lighter note, the new patch 1.1 was recently rolled out which addresses some major issues and bug fixes, as well, according to sources.

It was previously reported that Game Freak announced the second Global Mission for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" back in December, University Herald noted. It was stated therein that the second Global Mission will run until Jan. 9 and that the developers have now rescaled and reduced the number of Pokemons needed to be captured, considering how the players failed miserably at capturing 100 million Pokemons from the first mission.

As such, the second Global Mission for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have been readjusted to just capturing or defeating one million monsters using the Island Scan feature, which could only be used once-a-day, Forbes reported. However, it seems that the players weren't able to complete this taks as well, albeit the developers increasing the number of uses for the Island Scan feature to twice-a-day.

It was stated that players participating in the second Global Mission for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" were only able to reach 60 percent of the targeted goal. That being said, the source went on to suggest that the developers Game Freak may have just been wrong with their own computation and estimations in terms of the goal needed to reach versus the number of active players who are still playing "Pokemon Sun and Moon" and have synced up their results online.

In other news, it was also reported that the latest patch 1.1 for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have improved the Z-Moves along with a few more bugfixes, as well, Videogames Republic learned. It was stated therein that the update will be bringing back the Z-Parting Shot and the Z-Memento feature being brought back in the online games on Battle Spot.

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