3 Reasons to Buy Nintendo Switch instead of PS4 Slim; Not because It's Cheaper


Nintendo Switch and Sony's PS4 Slim have different hardware setups but here are a few reasons why Switch could be a better buy aside from the pricing.

You don't need a slimmer but 'old' console

PS4 Slim is just PS4 with thinner body and a few tweaks, as per report from Forbes. A few identical things to take note are the eight Jaguar cores, AMD processor, with clock base of 1.6 GHz. Both PS4 and PS4 Slim have 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM. Unless it is the Pro, the two consoles have the same processing ability.  

Since there is not much improvements to be seen in PS4 Slim, gamers might want to look for a completely new console like Nintendo Switch. Pocket-Lint has learned that Switch will be a brand new concept that's unlike the already-available consoles.

Play game anywhere

Sony just announced PS4 Slim color variant - Glacier White. It looks good and sleek but gamers won't be able to show it off outside their house. Nintendo is trying to fill the gap by bringing a hybrid gadget for home and mobile. The Japanese giant aims at portable console market with the Switch, according to Gizmodo.

Awesome titles await

The previously-codenamed 'NX' console has all set for March release date with titles confirmed include "The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of The Wild", "Pokemon Stars", and the newly-added "Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim", as reported by Polygon.

If the price speculation is right, Nintendo Switch will sell for $299 - the same price offered by Sony for its PS4 Slim.


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