'Dissidia: Final Fantasy' Reveals New Character From 'Final Fantasy IX'; Tetsuya Shares 'FF7' Remake & 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Update [VIDEO]


Fans and avid gamers alike who are tuning into the "Dissidia: Final Fantasy" will be pleased to know that a new character was just recently revealed to them. These same fans can expect a character from "Final Fantasy IX" to be joining the rosters of the game. Moreover, fans who have been waiting for the release of the "Final Fantasy 7" remake and the much-anticipated "Kingdom Hearts 3" can read on further to catch the recent updates that Tetsuya Nomura has recently shared.

It was previously reported that Square Enix will be announcing the arrival of a new character to join the rosters of "Dissidia: Final Fantasy," University Herald noted. It was stated therein that the unveiling of the new character will be announced during a Niconico live stream on Jan. 10, which will also showcase some live footage of the game.

As such, it was recently shared to fans that Kuja of "Final Fantasy IX" will be included in the current roster of "Dissidia: Final Fantasy," Destructoid reported. The source pointed out that the character may be one of the most underrated villains of the franchise, whose known for having one of the best themes and being one of the more formidable opponents when tied with Kefka.

As such, the announcement of Kuja joining the stable of "Dissidia: Final Fantasy" marks the 21st addition of Square Enix to the game. Fans can also check out the trailer that was released which features the character along with Zidane and the Alexandria stage.

In other news, Tetsuya Nomura (known for taking the helms of both the "Final Fantasy 7" remake and "Kingdom Hearts 3") shared to fans all over the recent development of the two games, Gematsu learned. It was stated therein that the acclaimed video game director apologized to fans for having to wait a bit longer. However, he did reassure them that they are steadily progressing on both games and that he will make sure that the games will be on par with the fan's expectations.

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