'Final Fantasy XV' Reveals New PS4 Gameplay; 3 Hour Hands-on Review Detailed! [VIDEO]


It has been decade since the latest installment to the "Final Fantasy" franchise has entered its development cycle and fans can't wait as the upcoming "Final Fantasy XV" is clost to getting released this Nov. 29. As such, recent videos were spotted out in the web showcasing the game in the PS4. Moreover, critics have already given their review after playing the game for the first three hours, according to sources.

It was recently reported that the director for "Final Fantasy XV," Hajime Tabata, participated in the newest episode of the japanese-based Nico Nico livestream "Denjin Getcha!," Dual Shockers learned.

It was mentioned that the livestream episode featured some gameplay footage of the upcoming open world action role-playing game, "Final Fantasy XV," which is slated for a Nov. 29 release date for both the PS4 and Xbox One.

The source went on to describe that one of the videos showcased a battle between the protagonist and a squadron of imperial soldiers and a Niflheeim mecha. Albeit the gameplay footage on the PS4 was nice, Dual Shockers stated that there's more to the gameplay footage featured in another video.

In the second footage, fans can get to see a boss battle between the protagonist (and his companions) facing off against the dragppm Aramea Highwind. The source noted that the having the battle occur at day time really highlights how the game's experience differs depending on what time of the day certain events happen.

In other news, CNet went on to give their own review of the game after getting a hands-on experience of "Final Fantasy XV" for three hours. It kicked things off by describing the setting as an open world, called Eos, that seemed to be a sprawling type aimed at offering numerous things to see and do.

With it, the source noted that fans ought to make use of the beautifully rendered convertible vehicle in the game when exploring the world of Eos. Players can also go off to beatn paths to find treasures or just look around and explore.

However, CNet did point out a drawback - the real-time combat felt clunky. It stated that using Noctis' warp ( a skill that allows him to blink to a location) was sometimes frustrating. But given that the reviewer didn't have much time to get used to the game's combat, players might need some time to get more accustomed with "Final Fantasy XV's" new combat system.

All in all, fans are expecting great things from this game once it gets released this coming November.

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