Mobile Apps That College Students Should Have


There is an app for almost everything nowadays and this technology, although has had its share of bad reputation of being a distraction, also has benefits one can put into good use in making student life easier, and more convenient.

In fact, a 2015 study even suggests that 77 percent of students who use smart phones and tablets have noticed an improvement in their grades and 62 percent reported that they felt more prepared in class, according to Laptop magazine.

Each student may have various selections when it comes to the apps that fit them the most, but here are some of the apps that every college should have.


This app is perfect for those who are not constantly connected to the Internet with their mobile phones because it allows them to save web pages, according to Times Higher Education. This app allow students to go back to the pages they have saved in their phone's memory and they can even tag their favorite and most important articles.

Google Calendar

This is another useful app even when you do not have internet connection. Google calendar is ideal when you want to make sure your schedules are organized. It even allows you to import the lecture timetable from the university website and allows you to see your events in different views as to whether you want to look at your schedule on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


If you are scared of losing some notes, Dropbox is the best solution for you. With Dropbox, you can upload different file types in the cloud and you can just access them online when you need it. You just have to make sure these files are shared so you can have them accessed using any device as long as you have an internet connection.

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