TheTetris Effect: Here’s How You Can Rewire Your Brain For Positivity and Happiness


If you have been playing Tetris for a while, you will notice how the Tetris pieces outlined in the darkness whenever you close your eyes, similar to what happens when you see light every time you close your eyes after you've been looking at the sun for a while - this is called the Tetris effect.

The Tetris Effect in real life is when you have done something in repetition that it begins to change the way you think about the other things in your life. This goes beyond just naming an effect after a game, it applies to the effect of a habit.

According to Curiosity, this event is explained by a study conducted a Harvard psychiatrist Robert Stickgold where he gathered college participants who were asked to play Tetris for several hours. 60 percent of the students reported that they can see the Tetris pieces in their vision as they slept. What is more interesting is that two students who had amnesia were still able to picture the Tetris blocks even when they could no longer remember playing the game at all.

Shawn Achor said that harnessing this ability of our brain to make more positive patterns automatically can be helpful in building more beneficial habits, according to Lifehacker. He said that we can practice looking at more positive aspects of life so that we can reduce our brain's natural tendency to spot the negatives.

Achor named this as "The Positive Tetris Effect". Having this said, practicing a more positive thinking pattern can be very powerful in our wellbeing and happiness. Ultimately, the Tetris Effect can be very helpful in developing a positive habit that can become more automatic and long lasting. So if you want to rewire your brain to be more positive, make it a habit to think and do positive things in every way you can, every single day.

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