Tips for a Job You Are Underqualified For


If you are looking for a new career this year and you have stumbled across your dream job, you'll probably waste no time to get interviewed and get started. But what if even if the position sounds perfect, you found out that you are underqualified? Maybe you lack the number of years of experience or had an experience from a different field.

But don't lose heart because you don't really have to kiss your dream career goodbye just yet. If you want to get that perfect job even if you're underqualified, here are the tips you need to keep in mind.

Focus on your transferrable skills

According to USA Today College, you can make use of the things you learned in one industry because they might also be needed for other jobs. There are certain skills that are not just particularly useful for one field, for example your good communication skills or interpersonal skills. You do not have to be very technical when applying for a role that calls for some skills which you know you already possess, so highlight them well.

Use your additive skills

Additive skills are your unique skillsets which you can bring to the table, something that you add in addition to what is expected of you. You can highlight how your experience from a different field can help you succeed and excel in the field you are applying for, even if this is experience is not something that is called for in the job description.

List school and unpaid experience

If you do not have a professional paid experience in the field you desire to enter, you can indicate or list down your training background or unpaid experience you had that is related to the position you are applying for, according to Quintessential. Experience, whether it is paid or not, is still experience and it still matters. What's important is that you have acquired the knowledge and skills required to perform the job you seek.

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