Useful Tips For College Graduates: How to Write a Fresh College Graduate Resume


Every recent graduate look forward to getting hired at their first ever job and it sounds yes, really exciting. And one of the most important things that will get your foot into the door of your dream career is your resume.

While most of the professional resumes include their work experiences, the resume of someone who just recently graduated from college will most likely begin with education. With thousands of applicants competing for a job, here are a few tips to help you get started with a resume that will help you land your ideal job.

Indicate Your Skills Fit For THe Job Applied For

Kim Frost, director of human resources, University of London, said that you have to make sure that your skills are clearly indicated and that they should match the job requirements, according to Times Higher Education. As much as possible, there should be no room for errors because those who are going through the resumes do not have all the time in the world to go through each one carefully, so make sure yours will not end up being thrown.

Accomplishtments and Activities Are The "A's" You Need

You don't need to mention your high school, according to Business Insider. What you should be focusing on are your activities, accomplishments, if you had any internships or work experiences during college and anything that will contribute to achieving your career goals.

Placement of Skills is Key

Put your skills right at the top instead of starting your resume with your photo. It is important for your skills to be easily visible so that the people in charge do not have to delve in the body of your resume to see if you are a match to the position.

A Professional Profile Makes You "Pro"

Include in your resume a link to your professional profile. It will be a lot easier if you create an online portfolio especially if you are planning to work on a creative field.

Ditch The Pronouns

Do not use pronouns. As much as possible, refrain from referring to yourself as the first person by using pronouns like "I" or "me", but you cannot also use pronouns nor your name to talk about yourself in the resume.

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