Fitbit Will Dominate Smartwatch Market in 2017; Pebble 2 is Reportedly Getting a Successor [VIDEO]


After acquiring the struggling wearable company Pebble, Fitbit is heading towards launching its own store for store for wearable apps as soon as possible. Also, Pebble 2 is reportedly getting a successor. Will Fitbit surpassed Apple, Google and Samsung in this year's race towards dominating Smartwatch market? See full details here!

Fitbit Will Launch Wearable Apps Store

Fitbit CEO James Park has announced during the CES interview that their company is heading towards launching on their own wearable apps store. According to The Verge, the company will continue working on the 14,000 third-party apps amassed for five years of existence by the recently acquired wearable company Pebble.

 According to Park, Fitbit is planning to come up with fitness-related apps and even pill reminder applications in collaboration with partners which signals another Smartwatch in the pipeline because their current models does not have the capabilities to supports such specific apps. Furthermore, Park also revealed their plans of forging partnership with employers and health care companies that use Fitbit for their corporate wellness programs.

In relative to that, just recently, Fitbit has announced their partnership with United Health Care and Qualcomm which goes along with a $1500 annual incentives to the wearers of Charge 2. On the other hand, Fitbit is also eyeing building payment capabilities integrated into their wearable thru Coin in which they bought before they acquired Pebble.

Fitbit Will Also Build Community with Social Feeds for Peers

Aside from the wearable app store Fitbit is planning to launch, the company also plans to start a community area where peers would interact each other. According to Engadget, this community will be the avenue for finding nearby workouts, compete with friends and join groups to be able to share the experience of good exercise regimen.

Furthermore, aside from the social interaction with fitness-minded friends, Fitbit also aims to enhance the Fitness Personal Trainer app that will recommend workouts based on Smartwatch daily activity data. Accordingly, two certified personal trainers will serve as a coach as well as Fitstar Radio that consist of soundtracks related to workout.  

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