Recent Study Reportedly Reveals Skin Infection Could Possibly Lead to Zombie Outbreak


Zombie apocalypse has been one of the most popular theme in today's film not knowing that the product of fiction could possibly become a reality. The recent science study reveals that a skin infection could possibly lead to a zombie outbreak in the future. See full details here!

 The recent study conducted by the students of University of Leicester in UK reveals that Zombie outbreak is actually possible. According to CNET, the students have calculated the spread of a certain kind of disease through the skin using the basic epidemiological model called SIR; where S stands for number of people susceptible, I for number of people infected and R for number of people who recovered or immune.

The SIR model uses simple and basic mathematic and this model is commonly used in the calculation of infectious disease such as mumps, measles and rubella. According to the student's calculation, the zombie virus is so contagious that it has the 90 percent chance of infecting human in a day that makes it twice fast as contagious as the Black Death plague that destroyed Europe in the 1300's.

Furthermore, the study also reveals that zombies can live for 20 days without brains. Given the contagious rate of the virus and the geographic isolation of the 7.5 billion people in the world, the population could decrease at 181 a day that resulted to 190 million zombies roaming around in the span of 100 days.

On the other hand, scientists has given tips of survival during the apocalypse. Since the neuroscientists have previously identified the condition of the zombies as "Conscious Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" or CDHD according to The Daily Mail, the following tips could help an individual survive during the outbreak:

  • Don't fight because zombies don't feel the pain so better run if you don't have the capacity to shoot to kill.
  • Keep quiet because zombies are easily distracted with noise so it's best to hide and put on silence.
  • Distract them with fireworks for example because zombies have little concentration because of their damaged posterior parietal cortex.
  • Don't talk to them because zombies can't understand any language due to the massive damaged in their language circuits.
  • Mimic them or act like a zombie if needed because zombies do not have facial recognition, they just identify each other thru movements and sounds.

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