Fitness Formula On How To Stay Healthy After 40


Age related changes can start occurring in your body once you're in your 20's and 30's but hitting 40's already connote the idea that aging has begun.

Although aging is really more of a mindset, your lifestyle plays a vital role when it comes to slowing down the hands of time and stay youthful even after 40. In fact, according to Daily Mail, an Oxford professor reveals that there are simple ways to stay fit and healthy even when you are old.

Dr. Muir Gray explained that one of the simplest ways to recharge your life is by eliminating bad habits and that means eating the right food and cutting down on the ones that are bad for your body. This way, you can reduce your risk of suffering from stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. Some of these bad food that you have to eliminate from your diet are the sweets, biscuits, salty packaged snacks and beverages that contain high sugar levels.

The Bottom line is that you need to consume less salt and less sugar. You also should watch out for the amount of physical activity because this is one of the reasons behind the significant increase in your weight when you're getting older. Burn calories by doing little but frequent stand ups even when you are just at home, or taking brief walks outside.

Another advice according to Live Science is that you should start watching and start looking closely at your numbers including your cholesterol levels, body weight as well as blood sugar. By doing this, you can identify potential health risk factors and be able to avoid suffering from serious conditions like heart disease and stroke. You can get your blood pressure monitored every now and then and also go to the doctor for your blood sugar testing.

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