5 Basic Traits That Can Measure Your Personality


Your personality is one of the key things that define who you are as a person. Personality is also onethat make people different from one another. This is manifested in the way they think, feel and behave.

There are so many ways to measure personality but psychologists have broken it down to 5 basic traits. A person can have a combination of these traits or can only have one, but here's what each trait entails.


Openness or openness to experience is for people who like adventure. They are the ones who are imaginative, original and appreciate art better. They enjoy variety in their lives instead of routines. The opposite of the people with this personality type are those who stick to their habits and resistant to change.


This is a trait of those who are hardworking, energetic and ambitious. These are the ones you can depend on because they have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. They are focused on achieving their goals.


This trait is for people who are highly sociable and who love to have fun. These people are chatty and are very cheerful in their social interactions. They are very talkative, yet affectionate.


When you have this trait, it means that you are kind and sympathetic. This is also the trait of those who are trusting, helpful and compassionate. These are the people who are more likely to engage in volunteerism.


This is the personality trait of the people who worry a lot and are insecure. Their behavior can be associated to anxiety and depression. Being high in neuroticism can bring in a lot of bad outcomes for a person especially when it comes to their health. They can even die younger because of being emotionally unstable.

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