Cooking With Beer: An Alternative To Oil That Can Help You Lose Weight

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Beer is not usually one of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to cooking. But when you think about it a variety of dishes actually use beer as part of their ingredients.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Toby Amidor, a nutrition expert and a dietician, said that replacing oil with beer when cooking can actually reduce the calorie content of the food. He also added that beer can even become a healthier alternative.

Amidor explained that while oils contains 120 calories per tablespoon, 12 ounces of beer with 5 percent alcohol contain 146 calories. It means that using beer for cooking dishes does not only add flavor to the dish but also gets some of it calories dispersed when exposed to the heat. Therefore, when you use beer for a meat dish, you do not only get to enhance its delicious taste but you also get to have only about half of its total calorie content.

In addition, Amidor cited how moderate consumption of beer can also be healthy as it contains B Vitamins, magnesium, phosphorous and selenium. It is also known to reduce the risk of heart disease.

University of Pennysylvania also claimed that adding just the right amount of ale will not only increase your protection from heart attacks but will also help make your bones stronger because it contains silicon which helps promote growth.

So when you feel like you can't really have your daily recommended dose of beer, you can have it incorporated in your cooking and that is going to be definitely acceptable. Add flavor to your meat or beef and use beer instead of wine. You can make your meals more delicious and healthier too.

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