Best Leadership Advice from the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

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Becoming successful as an entrepreneur is not easy. It takes a lot of unwavering determination, hard work and sacrifice. Mistakes and failures cannot be avoided as they will happen. At the end of the day, what matters is how you deal with these mistakes and overcome professional challenges.

And in order to help you out, here are some of the best leadership advices from the most successful business leaders.

Julie Larson-Green, Chief Experience Officer of Microsoft

According to Julie Larson-Green, what helped her achieve success in Microsoft was her focus on long term goals. She also did not become afraid to take risks and take advantages of opportunities when they arrive.

Lisa Sugar, Co-founder and president of Popsugar

Liza Sugar's secret is to start her day by making sure she's organized. She sets aside some time at the start of her to sort through things that she needs to prioritize and that's when she starts her day going.

Mary Barra, CEO of GM

Mary Barra manages to secure respect as a leader by means of consistency. She believes that there is no shorter way to earning respect because it is being built over time. And one of the effective ways to earn it is when you show your people that you do what you say you are going to do. And with that, you earn both their trust and respect.

Chase Jarvis, CEO of CreativeLive

For Chase Jarvis, his successes are attributed to following his passions and pursuing the opportunities that he really likes and interested in. He explained that it's because when you do what you love, you'll be able to have the passion to stick to it no matter how difficult it gets.

Jim McGrann, CEO of VSP

For Jim McGrann, his corporate social responsibility is what he values because he knows that his business is built for a reason. His goals does not only revolve on business alone but revolves on how to give back to the community.

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