Apple Watch Series 3 Release Date on Track; Apple to Bring More Realistic Improvements to The Smartwatch


It's time for Apple to release another Apple Watch this year and a new report has claimed to know more in which areas of improvement that Series 3 will get.

Apple Watch Series 3 will receive a few upgrades

A Chinese-language publication reported that Apple Watch Series 3 will have some improvements from its predecessor. The wearable is said to have an upgraded performance and this seems to be an obvious move since tech companies would launch new gadgets that pack more punch than the predecessors. Performance-wise, Apple is likely to increase the processor speed in the upcoming smartwatch, according to BGR.

Other than the performance, Apple Watch Series 3 will also be getting a battery boost. The first series has already received praises from consumers for its battery life and an improved battery would be a great selling point for the smartwatch. MacWorld has learned that Apple will focus on this particular area to improve the efficiency as well.

This information corroborates the previous rumor that claimed Apple Watch Series 3 will be using micro LED Screen. As for the design, there won't be any significant difference from Apple Watch Series 2. It is highly unlikely for Apple to shift to circular shaped watch.

Apple Watch Series 3 expected release date

Apple is expected to launch its third-gen model in Fall 2017, Express reported. It is possible that the Cupertino giant will release the wearable alongside iPhone 8. Another report suggests that Apple Watch Series 3 will be manufactured by Quanta - the company who also made Apple's first and second gen smartwatch.

Will Apple Watch Series 3 succeed?

There has been a debate in tech community, whether Apple Watch Series 3 will be able to convince the faithful to upgrade. Unless Apple brings major overhauls to the wearable, it is probably better to stick with the old Apple Watch but everything remains to be seen.

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