Nokia Moonraker Leaks Again; Looks Like LG G Watch with Apple Watch Strap


Nokia Moonraker smartwatch was cancelled, but more leaks circulate through the web.

Previously, notorious leakster Evan Blass tweeted that Moonraker was cancelled but that was in July.

The Nokia Moonraker smartwatch hands-on leaked by a YouTube account named Nokibar shows a working smartwatch strapped on a hand as the user swipes the touch screen, TechnoBuffalo reported.  

The Moonraker was a codename we have heard long ago during Nokia's acquisition in 2014. If the smartwatch ever comes into fruition, it would pack a remote control for camera, step counts app, social media notifications, emails and more, Wearable has learned. 

Nokia Moonraker smartwatch design

In the teaser, the Moonraker design appears to be similar to LG G Watch with square display. The strap, however, reminds us of Apple Watch Sport.

Judging from the demo, the button located at the bottom of the display is a reminiscent of home button in a smartphone device, while the black-strap smartwatch seems to target the sports enthusiasts.

There are golden pins at the back of the Moonraker watch for charging purpose and it is said to be NFC compatible as well.

The overall design is pretty much generic and nothing impressive. Tech crowds are hoping that the demo is just showcasing prototype instead of the finished product. If Moonraker is prepared to take on Apple Watch, it better be more good-looking and should sport richer features.

With more leaks circulating through the web, it is safe to assume that Nokia Moonraker will see the light of day sometime in early 2017. However, should there be any Moonraker next year, it has to face a fierce competition with the upcoming timepiece from Google, the Nexus smartwatch.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Meanwhile, check out the Nokia Moonraker smartwatch hands-on in the video below!

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