Samsung CES 2017: Advanced H7 Wireless Speaker, Daring Galaxy Phones, Smart TV Services; Details Here!


Samsung announced that the company will introduce a new wireless speaker dubbed as 'the future of audio' at the CES 2017. What else does the giant plan to unveil?

H7 Wireless Speaker

The Ultra-High Quality sound of this upcoming speaker ensures inevitably upscale audio experience. In the press release, Samsung claims that its H7 Wireless Speaker is able to deliver clear, crisp and immersive sound. Speaking of the specs, the device is able to deliver 32 bits detailed sound from 8 to 24 bits sound.

It is interesting to find out if Samsung's wireless speaker could win the consumers' heart given that LG will also be showcasing its futuristic Levitating Speaker, along with OLED TV and new smartphone series at the CES 2017.

More on LG Levitating Speaker, find out here.

Samsung Smart TV Services

Samsung also plans to unveil new services for Smart TV series at the CES 2017 according to NDTV. The idea of this technology is to personalize the contents based on viewers behavior and make the suggestions accordingly.

There will be three new Smart TV services namely Sport, Music and TV Plus - with their own respective key features.  

Revolutionary Smartphones

There has been a viral rumor that Samsung will unveil Galaxy Note 8 at the CES next year. However, there is still no official confirmation that corroborates the matter. What the fans are likely to see is the amazing feature that the three Galaxy A 2017 series get as it has been teased previously.

Other than that, Samsung faithful expect the South Korean giant to unveil the new Galaxy S8 although this isn't yet to be confirmed.

Aside from the rumored foldable OLED 4K display, leakster Ice Universe has added noteworthy leak - saying that Samsung could equip the S7 successor with Flash storage for faster performance and pairs it with 256 GB of internal memory, Trusted Reviews has learned.

What's even more interesting about the speculated innards, is the huge 8 GB RAM squeezed inside the Galaxy S8.

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