Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Foldable Galaxy X Update: 5 Features that Make iPhone 7, Pixel Look Slouchy in 2017


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Foldable Galaxy X are set to be launched next year. Here's what to expect!

Samsung has a good track record in pioneering revolutionary features in a smartphone. After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, the South Korean giant does not seem to hit a brake at all.

Recent reports suggest that the new Note iteration will have all the things that can fire up the competition as Samsung will bring big upgrades in Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumored Specs

1. 4K Display

Aside from the VR compatibility, Galaxy Note 8 is expected to ship with 4K display. If the assumption is to be believed, the faithful can enjoy a brand new visual experience coming from its Quad HD screen resolution.

2. Dual-Lens Camera

Samsung is also expected to follow Apple's path in bringing dual lens module to the new flagships. Dual lens camera will bring crisp, detailed shots and more surprise improvements to Galaxy Note 8 and the rumored Foldable Galaxy X. What makes the lens better on Galaxy Note 8 is the fact that it will use Super AMOLED screen - a guarantee for better, sharper images. 

3. Snapdragon 835

The Snapdragon 835 chipset is reportedly under development. The beast benchmark score is a proof that enables Galaxy Note 8 to perform ultrafast for all work and play purposes.

The high-end SoC uses 10nm process and is reportedly entering mass production as announced by Samsung in relation to the company's deal with Qualcomm.

4. Foldable Screen

The foldable screen rumor is no longer news as Samsung's patent has been leaked months ago. The said OLED panel will bring a revolutionary feature to the phone. A bendable screen that allows a touchscreen panel to be folded, Yahoo reported.

5. AI Assistant

Apple has Siri and Google has Google Assistant. Samsung does not want to be an outcast, hence, it will roll out AI Assistant - which will work similarly to Apple's and Google's personal virtual assistants but with more integrated software for wide range of apps. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Foldable Galaxy X are expected to be unveiled in September 2017 according to Inquirer - based on the flagships launch schedule pattern.

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