‘Star Wars’ Jedi Mind Tricks At Wizard World Comic Con Explained By University Professors


"Star Wars" fans may have the luxury of owning a light saber but it takes a lot of skill (and some say psychology) to master the Jedi mind tricks.

On January 6 to 8, the Wizard World Comic Con is happening at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. The magazine's Comic Con event is going to feature science fiction, entertainment and comic fans. One of the events include the popular franchise, "Star Wars."

Fans and experts on the matter is going to hold a debate titled "Is this the Golden Age of Star Wars?" at 6:00 PM, Room 238. Afterwards, a panel is going to be held to discuss the "Star Wars Psychology: Jedi Mind Tricks." The event will invite actual university professors and professional psychologists to talk about the science behind the "Star Wars" skill, as reported by Gambit.

Unlock the secrets behind the Jedi and the skill may no longer be from a galaxy far, far away. Or at least find out the social psychology behind it. But this is not the first time Jedi mind tricks are being analyzed. Dr. Allen Baird, a course leader from Queen's University Belfast in the UK teaches "Feel the Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way." He talks about the real-life psychological techniques behind Jedi mind tricks, as reported by The Telegraph.

Other events at the Wizard World Comic Con also include "The X-Files" guest stars Mulder and Scully. Even "Guardians of the Galaxy," "Harry Potter" and "Back to the Future" are making an appearance at the event. Aspiring screen writers can join "Writing Plot Using 'Star Wars.'" There is also an event for single fans. A Sci-Fi Speed Dating event welcomes fans in cosplay and meet potential dates.

Anyone who is interested to learn about the "Star Wars" Jedi mind tricks can head on to 901 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans. Tickets are available between $40 to $90.

Do Jedi mind tricks really exist? Check out this The University of Chicago video below:

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