The Best 2017 New Year’s Resolution Include Not Making Predictions


By the end of 2016, there were a lot of people, reporters and even analysts making predictions about what would happen in 2017. For some, the best 2017 New Year's resolution may be to not listen to predictions or not to make predictions at all. Traditions enable people to make predictions and resolutions in order to prepare for the year ahead. But for the Knoxville News Sentinel, it is wiser to stick to resolutions only.

Predictions do not only bring good but also bad news. From sports to politics, celebrity deaths to natural disasters, 2016 was considered to be the worst year ever for so many people. December 2016 did highlight famous celebrity deaths such as Carrie Fisher, her mother Debbie Reynolds and pop icon George Michael.

Even not-so-famous people died too. Like Pat Summitt, the University of Tennessee's women's basketball coach. She died after battling Alzheimer's. Still, more famous people's death made the news. Such as Prince, David Bowie and even Gene Wilder. Their deaths made the headlines.

Cindy Adams predicted that United States President Barack Obama is going on a university lecture tour and would return to Harvard to teach international law. She also had a few predictions about celebrity marriages, political forecasts and so much more, as reported by Page Six.

What about natural disasters? Only a few researchers were able to predict that the Great Smoky Mountains would go up in flames. When it comes to the world of politics, did anyone predict that the current president-elect Donald Trump was going to win?

Many are trying to prepare for the upcoming days, weeks and months of 2017. Barely on the first few days of 2017, people are already figuring out trends. If Donald Trump, the most unpredictable man ever, was elected president, 2017 may have everyone holding their breaths.

The Knoxville publication suggests that instead of focusing on predictions, people should focus on resolutions instead. The news warns of the uncertainty 2017 may bring.

But if you are really interested in predictions, check out this video from Top 5s Finest on Nostradamus' predictions for 2017:

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