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Increase Knowledge Power In 2017: Choose Books And Reading As New Years Resolution


Developing reading skills is usually the first step when it comes to helping the child grow. Which is why it is important to choose books that kids can be excited about. Families and teachers can welcome the new year, 2017, by choosing books for reading.

This is why Ashley Mendoza from the Herald Extra explains that the 2017 New Year should include reading goals. Reading goals can help in strengthening, not only skills with language and interpretation, but also bonds. Mendoza suggests making these goals with children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc.

For teachers and primary caregivers of children, these can become the most important goals when 2017 New Year hits. Everyone can start reading together. Everyday Learners helps adults achieve these goals. So, in order to create a focused 2017 New Year's resolution geared towards reading, adults and parents can set goals like these:

1. This year, I plan to read (insert number) of books in a month.

2. I will visit the library (insert number) in a month.

3. I will read books written in these genres or by these authors.

The list is endless. According to Lauren Anderson, she has found this type of goal setting very advantageous, being a parent herself. She and her kids make reading goals together and track their progress throughout the year.

Lauren Anderson rewards her kids once they have achieved their reading goals. According to the mom, they get to eat at a restaurant of their choice. In a way, this has made reading fun for the kids and the whole family.

Aside from reading together, creating a reading list is also a fun activity. This challenges readers to finish a certain number of books before the year ends. It can also ignite competition between kids.

A local librarian, Shannon Badger, said that children and parents reading together increases the literacy rate of the kids as well as introduce them to fun!

How are you planning to welcome 2017?

Here is a Tedx Talk video on why we should keep reading aloud to kids:

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