Ryan Seacrest’s Life: A University Of Georgia Journalism Graduate Who Makes $65 Million


Ryan Seacrest is mostly remembered as the popular host and commentator of the long time running show "American Idol."

But not a lot of people know where he came from. Being a famous TV personality, he must have started somewhere. Currently, it has been reported that Ryan Seacrest has racked up a total net worth of $350 million. According to reports, he has an annual income of about $65 million.

Because of his net worth, this makes him one of the most successful personalities on screen, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. But where did he start?

Ryan Seacrest studied at the University of Georgia and majored in journalism. After he graduated, he started hosting on ESPN in 1993 on a show titled "Radical Outdoor Challenge." A year later, he hosted the "Gladiators 2000." His career slowly but surely went higher. He went on to host NBC's Saturday Night Movie. That was his jump off point before making it big as the long-time host of "American Idol."

In total, he has already received Emmy nominations for his hosting gig on "American Idol," and took home an Emmy for producing Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution," as reported by Heavy. But these are not the only things that bring his net worth up to $350 million.

Ryan Seacrest is also the producer of "Keeping up With the Kardashians." Aside from hosting, he also makes sure to expand his field in the industry. He is wealthy enough to buy Ellen DeGeneres's homes in Beverly Hills. He was able to purchase it for $37 million.

He also ventured into clothing and launched his brand called "Ryan Seacrest Distinction." It started with suits and ties because they were the things he wore on "American Idol." For this TV personality, he loves putting on a great suit.

Celebrity host Ryan Seacrest launched his own production company, too. He called it Ryan Seacrest Productions and backs up "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," and "I Love Kellie Pickler." But maybe he needs another job?

Check out this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live of Ryan Seacrest taking on another job:

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