Obama Exits White House: University Lecture Tours And My Brothers Keeper Work Continues


While many are thinking of what President-elect Donald Trump is going to do once he takes his seat in the Oval Office and moves into the White House, some are wondering what current President Barack Obama is going to do once he exits in 2017.

Will he live a life of retirement and peace, or will he go back into politics? According to a prediction, Barack Obama is going to fill his next few years with university lecture tours and then go to Harvard and teach part time on international law, as reported by Page Six.

But some say that Barack Obama is going to continue his primary causes. Especially those geared towards education. Like his wife, current First Lady Michelle Obama, they look at the missed opportunities in the world of education and assist in providing possibilities however they can.

And it looks like Barack Obama's post-White House plans will include My Brother's Keeper, as reported by NPR.

What is My Brother's Keeper? It is an initiative started by President Barack Obama after the death of Trayvon Martin. He needed to show the young black and brown men of the United States that their country does care about them.

During an interview, after Michelle Obama and the POTUS return from their vacation, he will devote his time to help these men through My Brother's Keeper. This is Obama's way of valuing everyone in the country especially those who are coming from a racially disadvantaged and economically disadvantaged end.

One outcome from My Brother's Keeper comes in the form of Malachi Hernandez. Because of the initiative, he has now become a student of Northeastern University. As a young boy, he grew up without a father and was at a disadvantage with his brothers.

Barack Obama has not fully released his plans just yet for next year. But one thing is for sure, the Obamas are planning to stay in Washington after his term so his daughter (Sasha) can graduate from high school in 2019.

Watch Barack Obama's launch on My Brother's Keeper below:

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