Arnold Schwarzenegger: Assistant of 'Terminator" Actor Gemma Godfrey Was A Quantum Physicist


How did a quantum physicist from Leeds University end up being Arnold Schwarzenegger's assistant? It all started when Gemma Godfrey joined Celebrity Apprentice USA. Gemma Godfrey is a quantum physicist from Leeds University.

The 32 year old scientist was also the head of investment strategy at Brooks Macdonald. She also joined Tedx Talk and featured a discussion on financial management. So, how did this professional with a solid profile end up as the "Terminator's" side kick?

Maybe adding another notch on her CV would make it even more impressive, as reported by the Yorkshire Post. Her recent addition to her CV now includes being an expert on "The Apprentice." Because President-elect Donald Trump is busy making preparations for his administration and future campaigns, Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking over for the mean time.

"The Apprentice" host is taking on the TV show while Donald Trump is busy making presidential decisions. That also means that the show is not set in the Trump Towers in New York. Arnold Schwarzenegger's take over brings the show to Silicon Beach, California. This is where Gemma Godfrey comes in. And she tags along with celebrity entrepreneur Jessica Alba and philanthropist Warren Buffet.

It may seem odd that a quantum physics professional is on "The Apprentice" but Godfrey is also a financial expert on television and radio, as reported by Byron Academy.

When asked what she thinks of Arnold Schwarzenegger, she said that he is a phenomenal person to work with. She explained how he shifted from being Mr. Universe to become a businessman and then a political figure. According to the scientist, Arnold was able to achieve success in all three industries while some struggle to achieve in just one.

She says that many may not imagine her joining media but she explains that she has worked hard to achieve success in different industries too. Watch out for Gemma Godfrey giving advice to celebrity contestants trying to set up a tech start up business in the first episode of "Celebrity Apprentice."

Check out Gemma Godfrey's Tedx Talk video below:

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