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Beyonce In 2016: Most Charitable Celebrity Supporting Education And Social Awareness


Recapping 2016, a lot of celebrities have done their part in order to help the different charities and causes around the world. Some are called to become ambassadors of change while others advocate change through creating their own programs. Beyonce is one of these celebrities.

Beyonce was recently named as the most charitable celebrity in 2016. In an annual Celebs Gone Good list, Beyonce topped the list of celebrities and stars who used their fame in order to promote, educate and pursue social changes, as reported by Do Something.

The organization tracks celebrities who has done selfless deeds for a good cause. This year, Beyonce takes the number one spot by promoting causes for women to education.

The 35 year old artist has made a lot of charitable causes this year through numerous social awareness projects. One of her projects include Black Lives Matter. Another social awareness project she helped was the water crisis in Flint, Michigan where water contamination caused many to become sick in the region. During her "Formation" tour promotion, she was able to raise $82,000 for Flint by asking fans to donate when they buy tickets.

Recalling one of her most critical causes, in August 2016 she brought the moms of gun violence victims together and called it the Mothers of the Movement, as reported by US Magazine.

Gender equality was also one of her causes. Promoting women and their influences, she also enlisted powerful women in her visual and enigmatic album "Lemonade." The Mothers of the Movement also joined "Lemonade" by holding pictures of their late sons.

Aside from empowering women and bring social change, she also lead the Tidal Charity Concert for the benefit of the Robin Hood Foundation. The charity supports education and its ventures.

Aside from Beyonce, a host of celebrities also made it to the list of most charitable for 2016. The list includes Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Shailene Woodley, John Cena, Miley Cyrus, Chance the Rapper and more.

Watch "Hold Up" below, one of Beyonce's "Lemonade" singles:

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