Business Etiquette: The Basic Rules that Everyone Should Know


In business environments and professional social situations, golden rules and certain decorum are required in order to be successful. Certain formalities must be learned by people in order to be able to conduct themselves appropriately in professional settings. Here's what you need to know about the basics of business etiquette.

Stand when being introduced to someone

According to Barbara Pachter, author of the "The Essentials of Business Etiquette", standing can help establish your presence so that others will not ignore you.

Say your full name

Saying your full name is a must in business situation. But when introducing others, also be mindful of how others would want to be introduced as well.

Initiate the handshake if you are the higher-ranking person

If you are the host of an event or the one in higher ranking, you should be the one to extend your hand first, and the gender should not matter. In cases confusion, a handshake must still happen as it is a form of a business greeting.

Be mindful of your clothing and make sure you are dressed appropriately

The way you dress makes a significant impact on your professional reputation and credibility. You can either make the right or the wrong professional impression and message through your clothes. Make sure that when you are attending an event, you are in accordance to the dress code or theme and should fall within the guidelines.

Keep your phone

Even if you bring your phone practically everywhere you go, make sure that you keep it during business events or meetings. It could be rude if you reply to a text or email in the middle of a business situation. Also avoid placing your phone on the table when you are out in a meeting with someone to let them know that you are giving them your full and undivided attention.

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