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Dec 23, 2016 12:47 PM EST

Android Malware Connects Russian Intelligence To Recent Breach; DNC Supporters' Identity Might Be Exploited [VIDEO]


Security Firm CrowdStriked announced that it has found an evidence to the alleged Democratic National Committee (DNC) hacking by the Russian Intelligence Agency through an Android Malware.

The Android Malware, dubbed as Fancy Bear, has been detected to be an exploit controlled by a group of Russian Hackers trying to spy the Ukrainian artillery. The link between the group hacker and the Russian Intelligence has been traced by CrowdStrike, CNET wrote. The full report of the Android Malware discovery has been published by CrowndStrike in this PDF.

Back to the DNC Hacking, the company that facilitated the investigation of the notorious breach told last June that it was able to discover an android malware used by the Fancy Bear crew, Forbes reported. The connection between the Hackers and the Kremlin Intelligence could be the most convincing evidence of the involvement of Russian Government to the said campaign. This expands to Russia's attempt to undermine the US elections which still faces several issues.

CrowdStrike explained that a spyware has been installed inside an Ukranian app developed to help advance the processing of targeting operation of the Soviet-era D-30 Howitzers. However, the android malware called X-Agent allows access of phone communications, location and contacts.

Ukrainian Artillery Officer Yaroslav Sherstuk shared the app in a military forum since he thought it was not an official government project.  Since the time of upload, roughly 9,000 military personnel has already downloaded the app because it helps reduce targeting time by 15 seconds.

Here comes the work of Fancy Bear, it has inserted the android malware into the apps that will effectively take advantage of exploited phone's communications, location and contacts. This will eventually give access to Fancy Bear to spy through the host devices.

The android malware will cause a great impact to Ukraine's defense. However, the question regarding its effect when Fancy Bear did the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) breach remains answered. When it succeeded in exploiting Ukraine's military and defense, what more effect could it bring the people who took part in DCCC.

Meanwhile, below is a video shows the how the app successfully exploited its target:

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