Nokia, Apple Are Locked In Patent Infringement Lawsuit; Nokia Comeback Benefits From Publicity Backlash [VIDEO]


Nokia Corp. announced on Wednesday its current legal battle against Apple Inc. prior to its comeback in 2017 to the mobile industry. Separate court filings were passed, one in a District Court in Texas, US and in Regional Courts in Dusseldorf, Mannheim and Munich in Germany.

Nokia Patent Infringement Lawsuit accuses Apple Inc. of violating 32 of its patents that includes the following:

(1)   Antenna

(2)   Chipsets

(3)   Covering Display

(4)   Software

(5)   UI (User Interface)

(6)   Video Coding Technologies

However, the press statement offered by Nokia Corp. has not clarified how Apple infringed the patents. Though it maintains its stand of the infringement by emphasizing Nokia's effort to reach an agreement with Apple. When a settlement is reached in 2011, efforts for further licensing agreement did not materialize that is why Nokia stands for its rights now, GSM Arena reported.

Meanwhile, Apple has engaged in a legal battle against Acacia Research Corp and Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc. The tech giant accuses the two companies of conspiring with Nokia in extorting huge amount of revenue in their dealings.

Nokia used to be the number one game player in the mobile tech world. Until the company sold its mobile subdivision for $5.86 billion to Microsoft Corporation to concentrate on the mobile equipment business. Most of its patent technologies are still used by smartphone companies, one of which are Apple for its devices, Wall Street Journal reported.

Nokia Comeback in 2017

Nokia handset business is now owned by HDM Global and will be having a huge comeback in 2017. The Apple-Nokia Patent Infringement Lawsuit is reportedly part of the company's publicity stunt ahead of its launch.

Whether the reports are true or not, Nokia is gaining grounds over time as Apple dominates the mobile landscape with its iPhones. This could lead to a potential smartphone showdown among these tech rivals with Nokia re-introducing its brand to the mobile market and Apple's redesign flagship - iPhone 8.

Meanwhile, check the video below to know what to expect with the upcoming Nokia 2017 models:


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