'Monster Hunter XX' News & Update: Trailer Reveals Renkin Style Made To Be played With Friends; Renkin Items Detailed! [VIDEO]


Fans and avid gamer alikeare more than familiar with the well-renowned franchise, "Monster Hunter" from the equally popular video game developer, Capcom. More so, these same fans are anticipating its upcoming installment, "Monster Hunter XX." As such, it was reported that a new was recently released that details the new Renkin style that fans can expect in the game. In addition, fans can check out the list of the items that they can craft with this new gameplay feature.

It was previously reported that Famitsu, known in Japan as an acclaimed video game magazine publisher by Enterbrain, Inc. and Tokuma, had a huge coverage of "Monster Hunter XX" that showcased some more details regarding some of the game's monsters and its gameplay, University Herald learned.

Recently, news of a new trailer that was released for "Monster Hunter XX" has revealed more about the Renkin style that was added to the game's features, Siliconera reported. It was said that the two game styles featured in the game would cater to both old and new players alike.

The source went on to note that the Brave style in "Monster Hunter XX" is more tailored for the older players of the game. On the other hand, it was suggested that the Renkin style was meant to to played with friends as it seeks to create a more engaging and fun-filled experience for fans.

That being said, the trailer for "Monster Hunter XX" reveals that this is a Hunting style that emphasizes supporting your allies by means of crafting items through the alchemy in a barrel. Siliconera went on to elaborate that these supporting items can range from food that replenishes stamin to utility items like Renkin earplugs.

As such, more items for the Renkin style in "Monster Hunter XX" were detailed and listed for fans to brush up on, Gematsu noted. Some of the more notable items listed are the Renkin Healing Barrel, which can remove your teammates' debuffs and replenishes stamina, and and exlposive item shot from the Great Renkin Barrel, called the Renkin Bazooka.

Fans can check out the link for more items that they can craft through the Renkin style in "Monster Hunter XX", which will be coming out in Japan in March 18, 2017.

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