'Monster Hunter XX' News & Update: New Trailer Released! 'Monster Hunter' Movie Prototype Image Revealed! [VIDEO]


Fans of the highly-acclaimed video game developer, Capcom, are well familiar with its well-renowned franchise, "Monster Hunter." As such, a new trailer has just been launched which gives fans a closer glimpse regarding a few details about the game. Moreover, new information have surfaced about the development of the anticipated "Monster Hunter" movie as a mock-up image has just been revealed, according to sources.

It was initially unveiled during the Monster Hunter Nintendo Direct broadcast in October that the latest installment to the acclaimed franchise was a Japanese-release of "Monster Hunter XX (or otherwise called as "Double Cross"), University Herald reported.

As such, recent reports have shown that Capcom has released another new short trailer showcasing to fans some gameplay footage of the game, Silcion Era has learned. It noted that the main feature to the latest "Monster Hunter XX" are the new G-rank quests being implemented and the latest monster being added called Barufaruku.

Moreover, the source pointed out that the upcoming "Monster Hunter XX" will also be adding a few new Hunting Styles. One of which, called "Brave Style," will let players of the game continuously attack in order to gain and fill-up a meter that they can use for extra effects. Another one would be called "Renkin Style," which allows the use of Barrel Bombs.

In other news, it was reported that a prototype image for a "Monster Hunter" movie was just released, Gamespot noted. It was previously reported the Capcom has already announced a "Monster Hunter" movie with director Paul W.S. Anderson (known for his other works like "Mortal Kombat" and the "Resident Evil" franchise) taking the helm.

The source learned that Anderson and his partner, Jeremy Bolt, are currently shopping the movie to studios. It was further stated that Anderson has already written a script for the movie. Moreover, VFX renderings of the creatures are also being pitched to studios along with the script. A mock-up image of the VFX-rendered creature was done in partnership with Mr.X studios and can be seen via a tweet, courtesy of Michael Fleming's Twitter account.

It seems that fans of the franchise can expect a lot in the future as both "Monster Hunter XX" and a movie-adaptation are well on its way in the coming future.

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