'Monster Hunter XX' News & Update: Famitsu Releases Monster & Gameplay Details; New 3-Minute Trailer Released! [VIDEO]


Fans and avid gamer alike of the popular video game developer, Capcom, are more than familiar with its well-renowned franchise, "Monster Hunter" and its upcoming installment, "Monster Hunter XX." As such, it was reported that new details regarding its monsters and gameplay were released to fans just recently. Moreover, a new three-minute trailer has just been launched, which gives fans a closer look at the upcoming game.

It was recently reported that Famitsu, a line of Japanese video game magazines published by Enterbrain, Inc. and Tokuma, had a huge coverage of "Monster Hunter XX" this week that featured some information regarding some of the game's monsters and its gameplay, Nintendo Everything learned.

The source went on to detail some of the monsters that fans can expect in "Monster Hunter XX," which comes out in March of 2017. It first listed a few variation of the Deviant type monsters. Fans will be able to face off monsters like the Deviant Diablos, which was said to change colors when in Rage state and will feature new moves during that state of condition.

Other Deviant monsters in "Monster Hunter XX" include the Glavenus, which was described as Hellblade that has already been shown in "Monster Hunter Generations," according to the source. Moreover, the monster will have a sword-like tail that also produces high heat.

The magazine also covered some of the gameplay featured in "Monster Hunter XX." This includes the Renkin Style or Alchemy Style, which focuses on concocting special items. Players can fill up a maximum of five stocks, where each stock allows them to use a Great Alchemy Barrel item.

In other news, it was also reported that Capcom has released a new three-minute trailer for "Monster Hunter XX," Crunchy Roll noted. Fans can get a glimpse of more gameplay footage from the promo video as the game closes in on its release date.

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