PlayStation 5 (PS5) Release Date, Price: Big Jump Forward in Technology; Console Offers Standard Native 4K 60fps in 2020? [VIDEO]


For those who are thinking that PS4 Pro is already the best gaming console Sony has ever come up with, they mistaken. Because as 2016 is about to end, the hype regarding the PlayStation 5 or PS5 has already started kicking in. Could PS5 be the most powerful gaming console beyond 2016? Read more details here!

Sony PS5 Release Date

An analyst once predicted the existence of PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim which eventually both launched by Sony. The same thing goes for the next generation console PS5 which according to his prediction, likely to be released in 2018.

However, while Sony PS5 existence is possible, a 2018 release date does not make sense at all. According to MobiPicker, Sony will be buried in the event the PS5 will be launched in 2018 because of the newly released PS4 Pro; thus, it is safe to assume that Sony will release the PS5 console somewhere in between 2019 to 2020.

What to Expect from Sony PS5?

Sony PS5 console is expected to be a beast one equipped with new technology. In fact, the lead architect of Sony Mark Cenry revealed that PS5 is set to have a GPU of 8 Teraflop that offers native 4k 60fps (2 x 1080 p pixel count) streaming as a standard and most probably be lifted to 8 TFLOPS according to WCCF Tech.

Furthermore, according to Cenry's personal estimate, PS5 computing power is likely to be increased for a certain percentage more than PS4 Pro which also features a 1.84 teraflops of increased computing power compared to predecessor PS4.

Sony PS5 vs Xbox One Project Scorpio

If the prediction about the existence of PS5 is true, then it must be the closest rival of Xbox One Project Scorpio which release date remains anonymous until now. As added by WCCF Tech, Xbox One Project Scorpio is likely to offer "true native 4k" with computing power of 6 TFLOPS. 

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