NASA Warning on Asteroid to Hit Earth Coincides with Stephen Hawking Theory that Humans Have 1000 Years Left? [VIDEO]


While the renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking boldly states that "This is the dangerous time of our planet", NASA also warned the public that the earth is totally unprepared for a surprise asteroid strike. Is it possible that Hawking is referring to a possible asteroid hit? Read more details here!

Scientists Simulate an Asteroid Hit to the Earth's Ocean  

NASA Scientist warns the public last Monday that the earth is unprepared for any surprised asteroid or comet attack and there's nothing much that we can do for it as of the moment instead of wishing for an aquatic impact. For this reason, scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory come up with a simulation through computer software's visualization of an asteroid landing on the bodies of water according to BGR.

In the simulation video, a big chunk situated in the nearby land has been wiped away in the event that the asteroid would hit 12 miles from the coastline which indicates a horrifying scene than the brunt of a tidal wave.  However, if the asteroid will hit the water in the middle, a mega-tsunami is impossible to happen.

Another possible effect of an asteroid to hit the earth's ocean is the greenhouse effect which can happen if the asteroid that strikes is steaming hot. The rock has the possibility to send massive tons of water to the atmosphere and if the water vapor reaches the stratosphere and stays there for years, climate change can be felt across the globe.

Stephen Hawking's Theory

On the other hand, the renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking said that the earth is heading towards a dangerous time. His theory relates to the extinction of man in the near 1000 years as technology started to take over humankind, The Independent reported.

Hawking, in his series of examples has revealed how technology replaced human labors from the complicated tasks down to the mundane ones. The physicist foresees a future where robots will drive trucks and taxis, machines will do the hamburgers, drones deliver groceries and mail and supermarket cashiers will be replaced by sensors.  

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