‘World Of Final Fantasy’ Tips, Tricks When Playing; How Stacking Works [VIDEO]


"World of Final Fantasy" is a larger Japanese role playing game that it was first revealed a few months ago. While it has the Chibi or miniaturized characters, it actually has a deep combat system and there are a lot of things to learn. Here are some tips and tricks that players could do in the video game.

"World of Final Fantasy" quests are good for one time

In "World of Final Fantasy," certain in-game characters will give players quests for them to fulfill. Some of them are easy to finish, while others are not that difficult, but it will take time to do so. According to Game Revolution, most of these quests will only reward the players with unattractive items like Hi-Potions.

Quests can be a good way to gain some experience and grind with the numerous opponents along the way, but the reward money and items are not that worth it. It is better to gain random items from defeated monsters instead.

"World of Final Fantasy" coliseum for capturing new mirages

For players who are collecting mirages in "World of Final Fantasy," they can go to the Coliseum and check for new enemies to fight. There will be enemies that are new and can be captured, which can be a good chance to fill the Mirage collection. It is a good place to go to whenever they need to gain some additional power to fight against stronger opponents.

"World of Final Fantasy" how stacking works

According to the official website of Prima Games, the new stacking system in "World of Final Fantasy" is a way to stack the players' characters in various formations, which could alter its stats in a lot of ways. The two characters, Lann and Reynn, can change into big and small characters, and this gives an impact to the stats in a big way. The big characters have their own formations, while the small form also has its own formations.

"World of Final Fantasy" big or small versions?

In "World of Final Fantasy," the big or small versions of the characters will only depend on the situation they are in. There are large Mirages that have great big stats, but there are also smaller Mirages that have good bonuses like auto-haste, auto-regen, and many more. Players will have to choose what is more convenient for them.

Check out the "World of Final Fantasy" Trailer video below:

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