Clues That Tell You Have High E.Q. Even When You Don’t Realize It


Our emotions can always get the better of us and it's hard to control and that explains the reason why emotional intelligence (EI) or emotional quotient (EQ) is important. Being able to understand emotions of others as well as your own and knowing how to deal with them can play a key role when it comes to achieving success. This is something that can be learned over time through constant practice. And if you want to know if you are emotionally intelligent, here are those signs that can tell you.

You spend time for reflection

This is your way of understanding yourself and why you feel a certain way. This way, you are able to identify the reasons behind your emotions and that should help you deal with them better.

You listen to other people's perspectives

You want to understand how other people see you differently than how you see yourself.

You know your strengths and weaknesses

Being aware and being able to accept your weaknesses can help you work on them. If you have not accepted them in the first place, you will never get better as a person.

You are receptive to feedback and criticism

Even when criticisms are not pleasant to listen to, you try to learn from it and use it to become better.

You consider other people's feelings and reactions

You think before you speak because you are aware how much you can affect others.

You know how to say "sorry"

No matter how hard it is to apologize, you know and understand when you need to do it. You know how to acknowledge your mistakes and apologize with sincerity because no one's perfect and you have accepted in yourself that you cannot be perfect too.

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