Are You A Narcissist? Here Are Clues To Be Sure If You're One


Have you also asked yourself if you are a narcissist? This is actually one of the most common problems among many people nowadays and probably, everyone is really a narcissist in a certain way. But how can you really tell if you are a narcissist? Here are the signs according to Joseph Burgo, Ph.D., a psychologist and the author of "The Narcissist You Know."

1. You have the tendency to be a bully. You hate losing and when you win, you think very highly of yourself and make sure other people see you the same way.

2. You like seeing other people down. This is what you do in order to give yourself a higher value because you always want to be the center of the attention, you want to constantly be on the spotlight and you want to feel appreciated and valued.

3. You don't want to feel and show emotions. Narcissists don't want to be perceived as weak which is why they don't want to show emotions. Instead, what they do is mask how they feel and what they truly are inside.

4. You tend to be disrespectful to other people. This is one of the most notable traits of pathological narcissist because they tend to be more argumentative and they want to feel a certain sense of power and importance. They want to make it clear that they are superior than the rest.

5. You don't really listen, you only wait to respond. You don't intently hear out other people to understand them but simply because you want to reply and point out your own opinion. You always want the conversation to be revolving around you because you always want people to recognize you and your worth although you are creating a distorted image of yourself to those around you.

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