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NASA Camera Caught UFO Shooting Out Of The Sun [Video]


Just recently, another unexplained phenomenon involving our sun and an unknown object darting off from it was seen by a UFO enthusiast.

According to the report, the alleged UFO shot out of the sun, leaving in its wake what could be surmised as a plasma trail, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) took the image. The event got the attention of a YouTuber named Streetcap1 who said the UFO might have been feeding off the sun's energy to fuel or recharge itself in some way.

The claim was bolstered by the fact that the object was glowing white while the sun's plasma is yellow. It is further speculated that the craft in question is made of a different material than the surface of the sun itself.

Accordingly, Streetcap1 stated further that he is not a believer of the Plasma Sun Energy Theory, but seeing what he claims he saw, got him thinking. Additionally, since the object is differently colored and shaped than the rest of the "line," he was compelled to upload the video to YouTube.

According to Lufos, other images from NASA taken by SOHO, shows giant UFO's apparently rotating around the sun. There have been numerous accounts of UFOs where videos of an object, allegedly the size of the earth was recorded taking plasma from the sun's surface and then detaching itself when it got its fill.

According to The Daily Mail, the process these alleged spacecraft are doing is called Star Lifting, a process by which civilizations could remove material from a star, and use it for themselves. The report stated that there are various possible processes to harness energy from the sun. If true, this could account for the numerous sightings that are said to be rotating our sun.

Skeptics are quick to point out that such anomalies might just have been the result of the telescopes being out of focus that gives shape to the final image. Others also say that they could only be coronal mass ejections from the sun itself.

Not a word from NASA to explain or dispute the report has been issued.

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