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Oct 19, 2016 03:47 AM EDT

WikiLeaks: The Pope Knows About The Existence of Aliens Says Former NASA Astronaut [Video]


The 6th man on the moon sent an email thru a representative to Hillary Clinton's campaign chair in an attempt to arrange a meeting to discuss aliens.

WikiLeaks released hacked emails involving Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta. It allegedly asks for a meeting with Podesta aiming to discuss conspiracy theories regarding UFOs and aliens.

The email was sent by Dr. Mitchell's representative Terri Mansfield purportedly to discuss disclosing documents about zero-point energy from aliens that could save the earth from global warming. Podesta is consistent in calling for the government to disclose information about UFO's though it is not verified if Podesta acceded to the meeting.

Mansfield's email stated in part that they are working with specific [Extraterrestrial Intelligence] ETI from a contiguous universe. The email goes on stating that the ETI's are nonviolent and completely God obedient and that the aliens would want to guide Dr. Mitchell's international Quantrek science team in their research about zero-point energy for the benefit of humanity.

Dr. Mitchell together with Alan Shephard and Stuart Roosa were the crew of Apollo 14 during the moon landing on Feb. 5, 1971. Dr. Mitchell was the 6th man to walk on the moon and he founded Quantrek which allegedly studies alien technology. The email invitation apparently is an attempt to get Podesta interested in Quantrek.

In a report from The Sun, Dr. Mitchell wrote Podesta telling him the Vatican knows of the existence of the benevolent aliens and wishes to share zero-point energy with us. Zero-point energy is said to be a process of extracting free energy from empty space.

The email claims the aliens want to help mankind but are afraid of our violent tendencies. The only factor we have to consider is that the aliens will not tolerate any form of violence on earth or in space.

Dr. Mitchell passed away in February this year. He was one of the only 12 humans to ever walk on the moon. There are currently only seven living moonwalkers left.

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