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Blink-182 Singer Tom DeLonge Emailed Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chief About UFOs [VIDEO]


Former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge apparently needs help from John Podesta to prove that aliens exists.

DeLonge allegedly contacted Hillary Clinton's campaign chair through a series of emails, according to documents released by WikiLeaks. The 40-year-old Delonge announced this year that he was leaving Blink-182 to focus on a national security issue.

The email suggests that DeLonge and Podesta have been in an earlier contact, citing the former interviewed the latter regarding a special documentary; however, it is not clear if Podesta ever replied to the said email. The email also suggests that the former is trying to solicit the latter's assistance regarding a supposed documentary about UFO's.

Among the emails released by WikiLeaks were two emails from DeLonge to Podesta, which was earlier reported by The Wall Street Journal. A third email was also found that shows former astronaut Susan McCasland Wilkerson accepting an invitation to a "DeLonge/Podesta Meeting."

Podesta is a known UFO enthusiast dating back from the time he served to Clinton and Obama administrations. In April, Podesta was pulled aside by CNN's Jake Tapper to talk about aliens. He has always been insistent in the past about the existence of alien life, and that any conspiracy behind Area 51 should be known. He even said his biggest failure under the Obama administration was not securing the disclosure of the UFO files.

He might get his wish this time via democrat presidential candidate Clinton, should she win in the upcoming elections. Clinton is open to the idea and promised to declassify as many UFO documents as possible, barring any threats to national security, wherein she would open up government files on Area 51.

Will this ever happen? Last March, Clinton was asked by Jimmy Kimmel in a late-night TV interview regarding UFO's, she immediately corrected Kimmel's terminology. She said there's now a new name "It's unexplained aerial phenomenon, UAP, that's the latest nomenclature." Yes, it just might.


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