Top 4 Expected Features For Upcoming ‘Fallout 5’ [VIDEO]


"Fallout 4" has become one of the best and successful games for some time now, and a lot of fans are now expecting what "Fallout 5" might become. Here are the top four most expected features for the upcoming sequel.

4. "Fallout 5" new location

The whole "Fallout" game franchise has all been set in the United States in a retro futuristic post-apocalyptic theme. Fans are hoping that "Fallout 5" will somewhere down south or maybe in New York since it can be a great location for the franchise. Some are even thinking that Bethesda should set the game on other countries like Russia, Europe, or even in Japan.

3. "Fallout 5" expanded options for clothes

While "Fallout 4" has the best mods for making clothes look better, it still remains a fact that those who do not have access to cosmetic changes will not enjoy this. For "Fallout 5," it is much better if it will have a better set of clothes with better stats since most clothes currently are horrible-looking.

2. "Fallout 5" better Pip-Boy system

The Pip-Boy has always been one of the staples in the "Fallout" universe and has become an important tool for many fans. There is still need of improvement for it since the past Pip-Boys have been either too much of an eyesore due to its colors, or it gets too buggy. "Fallout 5" should have a Pip-Boy that can be pleasing to the eyes, and convenient since it is an important tool for the players.

1. "Fallout 5" new engine

According to Goliath, many players are looking forward to "Fallout 5" to have better graphics in the years to come and that would mean a better engine for it. While "Fallout 4" has charmed a lot of players in terms of gameplay, story, and sounds, it remains a fact that the graphics still look outdated compared to other popular games nowadays.

"Fallout 5" not in development for now

In other "Fallout 5" related news, fans have theorized that the game is still not in development since it is too early. According to the official website of Reddit, one member thought that "Fallout 4" has been launched just recently and it is impossible for Bethesda to go into production right away. 

Check out the Top 5 "Fallout 4" Fan Theories video below:

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