‘Fallout 4’ VR Has To Be Whole Video Game; ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ Still Needs Improvement: Todd Howard [VIDEO]


The full game of "Fallout 4" will be ported wholly to its Virtual Reality version in the future. "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" still needs improvement even if it was remastered.

To put all of "Fallout 4" in VR

Bethesda's Todd Howard told Glixel in an exclusive interview that they are currently working on "Fallout 4" VR and testing it first before officially announcing it. He confirmed that they will be putting all of the video game contents in VR because of its promise of a big virtual world. He said that the feeling of being in the game and the ability to go anywhere in the game without limits is as cool as everyone wants it to be.

Not worried about "Fallout 4" VR result

Howard revealed that Bethesda is not worried about how many they are going to sell or what the market is for "Fallout 4" VR in the future. He assured that it will sort itself out and they want to take the opportunity to make something really unique. He also said that they would rather do that than do something else with less experience because the fans would not want that.

"Skyrim" still needs improvement

Howard explained what he felt about "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," which was recently remastered by the game publisher. He said that it might have some polish already and the improvements are great, but there are just some parts of it that they felt that it still needs some more polish. He revealed that some NPCs do not quite react what they want it to be.

"The Elder Scrolls Online" One Tamriel launched

In other Bethesda related news, the game publisher has released "The Elder Scrolls Online" One Tamriel feature recently. According to their official website, the new feature lets players join up with their newbie friends who have just joined in the video game without restraint. This will make it more sociable, more fun, and easier to enjoy great experiences with friends.

One Tamriel removes the issue with the game's worldwide level-scaling that limits lower level players from venturing into higher level areas. With it removed, high level players can now help out their newbie friends in gaining a lot of experience and harvest high-level items for equipment, money, and more.

Check out the "Fallout 4" Mods and the Creation Kit video below:

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