‘Fallout 4’ Mods Will Be Coming To PS4 System With Next Update [VIDEO]


"Fallout 4" mods will finally be coming to Sony Entertainment's PlayStation 4 console system with the next video game update. Game developer Bethesda also announced that the creation kit for the post-apocalyptic video game will now support PS4 mods.

Sony finally allows "Fallout 4" mods to their PS4

Sony has been known for their lengthy process when it comes to approving console mods their console systems especially the PS4. After several calls and meetings with them, "Fallout 4" will finally get mods on the PS4 when the next update arrives.

"Fallout 4" patch 1.8 launched already on PC

According to the official website of Bethesda, "Fallout 4" patch 1.8 is already live on the PC platform. For the recent generation consoles, Xbox One and PS4, the latest patch will be ready within this month. This patch will allow the PS4 system to finally accept the mods, but it will have to wait until the studio finishes their work on it.

"Fallout 4" patch 1.8 issues fixed

While the patch allows the PS4 to accept the mods, it also fixes several issues "Fallout 4" was plagued with before. The patch fixed one audio issue, resolved a crash incident when exiting to the Main Menu, and several in-game issues. Some of these in-game issues were crashes with the mods on, missing displays, and other issues related to mods.

"Fallout 4" creation kit update allows support for PS4 mods

Bethesda announced on another post on their official website that their "Fallout 4" creation kit has been updated recently to support mods on the PS4 console system. To update it, players will need to go to their Launcher and let it download the necessary files for update. The game developer warned that the PS4 mods will only be Plugins, which means it will only use internal resources already available in the game.

PS4 owners will not be able to use mods that will require external assets like changing skins of NPCs and weapons, or adding new characters that are not included in "Fallout 4." They can, however, use mods that enhance the values of items like weapons, armor, and many more as long as these resources are in the game.

Check out the "Fallout 4" mods video below:

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